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5C Cultural Center was the inspiration of five lower east side residents during the early 1980s. With firm roots as artists, educators, gardeners and urban homesteaders, we survived the turbulent times of “alphabet city”. Thus we share a belief in retaining the best historic and cultural traditions of the neighborhood while continuing to foster empowerment in this diverse community. We offer delicious, affordable food plus wine and beer.


Martina Fiseova-vocal and Walter Fischbacher-piano

This Saturday from 12-2 pm at 5C Café and Cultural Center our angel Martina Fišerová is performing with piano wizard Walter Fischbacher. Martina Fiserova must have been breastfed since infancy on the jazz tradition in order to sing with such ease. She is so joyful and pure, just what we need during these times. Calvin and Hugo are making very delicious food. As always, since 1995, all revenue goes exclusively to pay the bills—admission is free, come hungry and thirsty! Thanks for your support. Trudy will be a bit late, coming directly from the Let Yemen Live Vigil at Union Square. 11-12noon.

Here's the latest news from 5CCC.
We are now open with a new kitchen, and a pro chef serving exciting new comfort food!
Open 11am Tue – Sun (closed Mondays)
Call 5C at 212-477-5993 for more information.

5C Cultural Center is one of the venues for the annual Dissident Arts Festival

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