The 5c Cultural Center – a cafe in Shanghai, China which is designed to be a place where people can mix with friends, enjoy great food and drinks, and have meaningful conversations with one another.

5c is a cultural center located in the CBD of Sydney that offers a range of food and beverage options. They have a level 1 cafe on the ground floor where they serve drinks during the day and serve breakfast and lunch during the weekdays.

While not many people know, there is another level of 5c – a level 2 cafe. In this level, they offer late-night coffees, desserts etc.

5c’s Ground Floor (Level 1) has a coffee/drink menu with pastries, smoothies, espresso drinks and more. Level 2 has their dessert menu with pies, slices and cheesecakes as well as late-night coffees like lattes for those who stay up late to work!

It’s no surprise that there’s a cafe in the heart of 5c. With its open doors, wide-open space, and view of the city without any walls, it provides a comfortable place for our time to be spent.

5c is a cultural center in Prague. It was established by prominent Czech artists Jan Zrzavý and Marie Jedličková as an art space for performers, gallery owners, and visitors of all types. It’s where you can learn more about their work or find out about upcoming events from their staff members.

It’s also where you can enjoy a delicious late coffee drink with us!

5c cultural center is a cafe that’s specially designed to complement the culture of the district. The cafe offers an array of delicious coffees with a modern twist and a wide range of music – from jazz to latin, hip-hop and rock. Their goal is to provide a space for people to be able to unwind, have some quality time with friends or family, or simply grab some coffee and relax in peace.

If you’re looking for an alternative location for your next late-night coffee date or just want to take a break from the hustle, 5c is one cool spot! They offer latte art classes where you can learn about the different types of art and get creative with your cup.

At the 5c Cultural Center, one of the best coffee shops in town, you can enjoy a late breakfast or a relaxing coffee drink.

Have a delicious late coffee drink with us!

5c Cultural Center is a coffee shop in the heart of Seoul, which offers a unique experience in the life of Koreans. It is where people with different backgrounds come together to share and learn from each other.

5c Cultural Center focuses on providing an interactive and personal experience for its guests. With AI assistance from their writing tools, they can provide customers with more engaging experiences that can be tailored to each customer’s taste and requirements.