Our cultural center in the heart of Florence invites you to a coffee break. Our staff will serve you a cold cappuccino and discuss with you different topics while enjoying a sip of your favorite beverage.

Our cultural center is located in the heart of Florence near Piazza Santo Spirito and is open on weekdays from 4pm-8pm for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.

We are a cultural center located in 10th arrondissement of Paris. We offer a range of activities and events, including exhibitions, live music, café and an open air terrace overlooking the 19th century gardens.

We offer less expensive coffee than the average café but with a selection of quality drinks at good prices: $5 for your choice of drink and breakfast sandwich during the week.

Coffee is a universal truth that can be found anywhere in the world! Even if you come all the way to France, you can indulge yourself with some French style coffee.

At the cultural center, we are pleased to serve you coffee in our cafe.

A cultural center has a cafe near its entrance, open daily from 10am to 12am. Enjoy the food, drinks and pastries as you enter the cultural center.

Every morning when I get up, I am excited for the day ahead of me. All good things have to start with a cup of coffee in my opinion – this is why I love our cafe at the Cultural Center so much!

We are a cultural center that conveys the city’s culture, history and traditions in a way that is relevant to today’s society. Our cafe offers delicious coffee and snacks to our guests. You can also find us on facebook or instagram.

The cultural center is a kind of a social experiment and café in the same place. It brings together people to enjoy coffee, chat, meet over food and drink, talk about life stories.

The main goal of our cultural center is to bring people together in order to discover the commonalities and differences between them. We also want to make the whole cultural center experience feel like one big family or community.

The cafe is an ideal place for people who are new in town or just have arrived from abroad. We have a very casual atmosphere that welcomes anyone who has thoughts about life or culture – all we ask is for respect towards others!

Culture and arts center in a rural town, where you can sip on a cup of coffee.

Istanbul is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. It is a city that has preserved its identity over 500 years with many historical sights still present today. One of these sights is the cultural center, which hosts a cafe from where you can enjoy a variety of coffees and snacks while you take in the sights of Istanbul.

In order to preserve its architectural heritage, Istanbul always makes an effort to protect its historic buildings and landscapes. Even though it is difficult for some buildings to remain standing throughout history, they do their best to ensure that the pieces important for historical preservation are saved.

A cultural center is a center that offers different types of arts, traditions and activities related to culture as well as places where people can socialize or participate in different events within culture. It also offers things such.