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    DISSIDENT ARTS FESTIVAL 2018 – Liberation!
    Saturday September 15, 7pm

    This is a fundraiser for Alliance of Families for Justice, a vital organization on the forefront of prison reform. 
    WILLIAM HOOKER - Solo drums
    MARTINA FISEROVA - Vocals, guitar
    TRUDY SILVER “Where’s the Outrage?” - Solo piano
    THE FLAMES OF DISCONTENT - John Pietaro–spoken word, vocals, percussion, banjo; Laurie Towers–electric bass; with guest Rocco John Iacovone, alto saxophone
    RAS MOSHE’S MUSIC NOW! - Ras Moshe–saxophones, flute; Jair-Rohm Parker Wells- bass; John Pietaro–hand drums, percussion
    Festival Organizer: John Pietaro
    $15 admission, $10 minimum
    Contact 5C Cultural Center at 212-477-5993

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    5C Cultural Center is one of the venues for the annual Dissident Arts Festival