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    We are now open nights only with a new kitchen, and a pro chef and restaurant crew serving exciting new comfort food!

    free concert
    Sunday Sept 24, 1–3 pm
    All People’s Garden
    293-295 East 3rd Street
    East Village, Manhattan • Founded in 1978 •

    Trudy Silver’s ‘Where’s the Outrage?’

    The Raging Grannies

    part of
    LUNGS 6th Annual Harvest Arts Festival
    LUNGS—Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens—was formed to unite and empower community gardens on the Lower East Side.

    June 20 – Trudy was arrested as part of a coalition of anti-nuclear groups blockading the US Mission to the United Nations in protest of the US boycott of the talks at the United Nations to draft a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. Ban the bomb!